Manchester Exhibit

Triplefaces Project

The Triplefaces Project is made on the idea that the music have different dimensions, if you think about in which way you listen usually your music, with the headphones, you understand that the first sound that you feel is the mix between the left and the right channels, but also you can listen only the right or the left channels, so you can have almost 3 different feeling with the 3 different way to listen. The Triplefaces Project want try to do something similar with the photos.
You can find photos of great drummers divided in 3 part, in a unique composition, so you can feel and see in 3 different way the faces of artists that you love, you will see something really different in their faces, but in the same time, something that you will recognize like “well known”. This project started one year ago and every month became bigger, with new photos of drummers that love to be involved in this special idea.

Recent Portfolios